Sunday, 9 February 2014

letting go

sometimes you gotta take the plunge and enjoy that instance of freedom, during which you have escaped the delusion of control.

you've got to toss the coin to feel it. that tingling converging up your spine, the thrill of the uncertain. remove its mask of fear and you will see it for what it is, a chemical rush across your brain. once you understand its irrelevance to the instinctive emotions which arise with it, you are almost free.

now you must realize that to reach this state of transcedence you must be prepared to take risks. life is as chaotic as a tempest at sea, and in order to transcend you must navigate the waves.
you are tougher than you think, once you learn to let go. release the tension and follow the flow of chaos in your life. fight the urge to analyze, process and deform your perceptions into biased information coherent with your ideal world.

as a visitor must remove his sandals to experience an Indian temple, so must you remove biased symbols of magic, fate or equilibrium to experience this state.

as a cup must be emptied so it may be filled, so must you purge yourself of preconceived beliefs. don't be fooled. deep down it is only fear of the unknown... expel it.

break away and submerge yourself into the beautiful chaos of life.
explore it.
in and out.
mind and scene.

now enjoy the ride in full colour.

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