Monday, 24 April 2017

Day 11: wormwood and worm

you're stroboscopic
i'm epileptic
you are electric and i am moist
the froth above the sea i am
you are the static
the naval mines
stroking my keel
my achilles heel
a self contained plosive resonance
the stuttering of my fit
a tongue with toes
tickled by the bristles;
sharp tufts in rows
i am choked by thistles
you, the tyrannical dinosaur
spitting canniballistic missiles
of self proclaimed prophets
spilling soaring exclamations
with their eyeballs dangling from their sockets
pockets jangling with frozen comets
the ablation of all nations mementoed in a locket
a sore thumb
a clinical emergency
a retroviral resurgency
the meteoric rise of those swift
worm tailed ideas
a megacontinent adrift
corrugated, as the joint in a rheumatic knee is

you're macroscopic
i am septic

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