Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Day 7: dear stillness,

dear stillness,

let me keep this short
im knocking down my fort

look for my jacket in the rubble
i'm not ready to leave
and when you feel the stubble
of stubborn thoughts bubbling through my floor
dont hack at them
just leave
and hobble out the door

i wish i was a snowflake
diving in your tea
i cannot bare this soulbreak
please just let me be

you, yes i'm screaming at you
i'm crying at you
do i not deserve
to share some of your verve
of filling up all space
and drilling into skulls so peacefully, so lovingly?

i wish i was a puff of smoke
floating on your sea
i could not feel a softer choke
please let me be free

yours dejectedly,
restless Soliloquy

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