Tuesday, 25 April 2017

day 13: vacillating vision

today i awoke

a thick mucus coated me
surrounded me, embraced me

this congestion effaced the space between
wholeness and hollowness
braced my heaviness

infected comet, spores in your wake
precision strike driveby
a panspermian quake

i cant help but wish
your cosmic body grew fins
returned to me
laid eggs in me

not in a weird sense
i just love talking about fish
about the reproductive cycles of salmon, oh you know,
for years there's been a famine

after this inexplicable blast of stars
this big, big bang
the space between us grows and expands
at a breakneck pace, blows us far

im dreaming of a Big Crunch
an interstellar clinch
a catastrophic collision
for a glimpse from no further than an inch
before i lose my vision
and flinch during extreme circumcision...

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