Thursday, 1 June 2017

day 25: false dichotomy

like wet cement the mud slurps at my feet
an unwelcome grass-bearded uncle planting moist kisses
on a baby's floating skull plates
the spittle spotting his chin like dew


like a passionate embrace the earth hugs my feet
a lover's raw heart pattering frantically
at the patterned arches of my soles
the mud dripping off like tears

with brash confidence you unveil her skin
unfettered passion


with arrogant dominance you rip off the cloth
unchained savagery

beauty lies in the eye of the beholder


atrocity seeps into the world through your eyes

it's either or. or is it? is it or or is it and?
and if it's and? then it's neither nor. it's both.

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