Friday, 23 March 2018

To those stifled

To those stifled
by the great grey gargoyles
by the smog, and the turmoil

Fear not, the gargoyles' feet are clay
and others may one day
admire the ruins of an empire slain

To those stifled
By the subjugation of the rain
From faucet to drain

Cut and bore through the floor
into the PVC vein
uncrease the creased gut of the gargantuan beast
there, the water
still roars
and if you listen
the Ocean
still bellows forth
from those drops that once glistened
as they fell to the earth

And to those stifled
by the clogging of shores
with the scrapped wrappers of pre-peeled apples
or smores
by the spilling of plastic spores into the great outdoors,

Fear not. Though we may discard
the elastic mementos of perished dinosaurs
Mother Nature will however cherish
their ancestral remnants forevermore.

Once upon a time,
on a bubble called Earth
were much smaller bubbles
which basked in the sun, and bubbled oxygen
for the first time ever.

these cyanobacteria induced outright hysteria
for they caused an elevation in the concentration
of said oxygen
until this pollutant
rose to dangerous new heights
and birthed were modern mutants
who could survive the blight

So do remember, stifled ones
as we hand down the planet
to our daughters and sons,

Be it asteroids, or volcanoes, ice ages or orange imbeciles

A sunset here
always will
be a sunsrise beyond our hills.

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