Friday, 11 January 2013

Piercing the fog

Today will become a special day, I hope. The birth of my now.

Let me explain with a metaphor: our brain is wild, like a vast jungle - governed by natural laws and instincts. Since our monkey years, human consciousness has transcended into a more abstract existence. As we create new memories and habits we establish specific locations within our mental wilderness. As we travel to and from these locations; these constructs of neuronal architecture, the vegetation becomes trampled and paths grow. The more we travel specific routes, the more accessible they become. In turn, as our visits to certain places become infrequent, the vegetation grows with time, and that memory becomes lost.

Anyways, tangents aside. I feel like the vegetation of my mind's virtual plane grows inexorably fast. With this blog I want to capture the now. I want to remember every feeling, every thought which dominates my present... lest I forget and become trapped in the amazon of my mind.

That is the purpose of this blog... for now.

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