Saturday, 6 September 2014


What is a fear?

A fear is a powerful drive in all of us, which forces us to follow particular behavioural patterns. These patterns are then considered as autonomous by restructuring perception of external stimuli and using reason to validate both actions and emotions.

Thus a fear is insidious, pulling strings without one noticing. This visceral emotion must be identified in order to overcome it. One must identify the fear as nothing but the fear, and let it go.

The letting go is a full acknowledgment of the fear and all its implications on perception and the aversive actions in a particular situation. In that way, when certain stimuli produce fear, it has been reasoned beforehand that this emotion is nothing but a biological response tricking us. The trick is to associate positive emotions with this thought, which can neutralize the fear. One must think: "this is the fear, I have identified my invisible enemy, thus I can progress."

Fear of failure, fear of judgment, fear of open space, fear of conflict, all these can be overcome.

A thought (be it reason or emotion (from a neuroscientifical standpoint these are impossible to differentiate as of today)) is transfer of information, like a wave is transfer of energy. Feel the energy and release it. Acknowledge its ephermal nature without denying its importance in your life, and perhaps you can be free.

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