Saturday, 20 September 2014

the bridge to nirvana?

What is the meaning of self acceptance?

What is the ego?

What is self perception?

What is unconditional self-love?

What is the eternal questioning? The seeking for a truth? sometimes it feels like the search is an attempt to find an external comfort. some knowledge or some truth which will release us from our fears... reality seems to point towards the peace being internal, towards a way of interpreting, a manner of processing our own emotions towards the positive balance of the spectrum.

Why should we not deserve to find happiness? Why should we strive aimlessly to identify our faults and chase perfection? There is no such thing. Perfection is a concept similar to infinity; it is the endless spiral of judgment and discomfort.

We tend to project our feelings of inadequacy towards external reality, when the truth is that the feelings come from within. There is no goal we can reach, no achievement, no praise we can receive that will truly fill the gap. The gap is within and reason is but a tool. We attempt to transcend our instinctive roots when we are just a complicated machine, slave to the whims of the chaotic nature of our existence. We must let go of attachment to emotion, attachments to things, and fight the demon that is our ego. We must do so in order to feel true love. For what is an existence marred by sadness? What purpose does a purposeless existence contain if not for peace and happiness?

In fifty years or in two weeks, when chance and fate bring us to the end of this phenomenal breath of life, when our bodies succumb to the unstoppable element which is time, what will matter more?

Peace and self acceptance? Or the paradoxical poison of self-judgment?

I for one choose peace. There is no reason not to rejoice.

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