Monday, 30 March 2015

The girl who fell in love with death

1: Intro

Osiris looked up. The sky was a dense wall of steel, with sheets of ice shattering over the city. Unusual weather for July in the city of Madrid.
"Perhaps Jupiter's been angered." she mused. She pulled her cowl over her head and walked briskly into the sleet. Tall dark buildings guarded the road, the multitude of parked cars glistened.

A gray ocean boiling with raindrops reflected an equally tormented blanket of clouds. A giant black boot stomped on its edge and caused a tidal wave to emanate across. She loved the rain. The drops were soothing and the soft cotton fractals filtered the harshness from the sunlight. The streets were devoid of pedestrians, and the curtains of water seemed to merge the boom of vehicles into a soft womb-like hum. Between each step she felt. She walked, too, but more than walk, she felt. A slow gust of wind stroked her hair and matted it against her brow. She paused briefly to rake the black snakes which had become plastered to her face.

As she resumed treading on, the cool humid air licking her throat made her giggle. The smell of Madrid was peculiar. There was something... exciting about it. Something which made your vision unfocus for an instant. A deep wet smell of rain, jarred by a bright afterglow of ... it would be hard to descrbie. The smell was harsh and sudden, and not quite pleasant, but for Osiris, this combination kept her on the edge.

She skipped to a crossing onto a wide road. Around the corner a screeching vehicle pierced the air. As she turned to look, a large car spiralled past her and impacted onto the flank of a bus. As the sedan encrusted itself into the side of the bus an explosion of gray noise hit Osiris. She braced. A chorus of shattering glass echoed across the street.

Her heart began racing. Riveted, she glared towards the damage, a mess of twinkling stars and black smoke. There was a silent pause before anyone reacted. Then a shrill scream and urgent shouts. She stepped closer still. Again the wind stuck her hair to her brow, just as before her, against the blue and crumpled surface of the bus, were plastered crimson streaks.

This was too much. Here vision blurred as the symphony of panicked vocalizing deepend. Her heart raced and she felt... exhiliarated. She took a deep breath and her lips parted. A wild rush of pleasure kissed her spine.

Dark tendrils of blackness seemed to seep out from the shadows, engulfing the smoking car. He was coming.

2: Genesis

Osiris was not the name her parents had bestowed upon her. She doubted anyone knew it to be her true name. Except for Him of course. It was a bit risqué, she knew. A wild lash at all that which writhed in her mind from time to time. A tribuyte, albeit evident and perchance misplaced.

But it was her true name. The day of her true birth, her awakening, was during a history class four years ago. The mention of the Egyptian God of Death along with his description had stirred something within her.

She claimed to be suffering from a particularly harsh series of menstrual cramps and rushed home. All this while she had sensed a warm rush in her chest. It flowed through to her limbs in pulses and with each outward pulse a converse tremor travelled towards and up through her spine. Colors were vivid. She could feel the ground breathing through her feet for the first time, despite the thickness of her soles.

Yet Osiris noticed none of this. With pupils yawning like caverns she dashed up her driveway. What she would once have called a public bus hissed and roared ferociously behind her as it exploded across the street. But in her head all she heard was osiris osiris osiris osiris osiris osiris osiris osiris osiris osiris osiris osiris osiris osiris osiris osiris osiris osiris osiris osiris osiris osiris osiris osiris osiris osiris osiris osiris

No-one was home to witness the dramatically disheveled entrance of Osiris, not even the calm and billowing reflection of herself on the mirror by the door. She galloped up the stairs, and her shadow followed.

The warm epicentre was moving lower. She sat herself before her dusty desktop and monitor. It was now in her belly, tingling. What was this sensation? Was this bad? Had someone drugged her? Was this the onset of insanity? It had to be all three.

An oscillating finger struck keys on her keyboard: "o - s - i - r - i - s". They clapped in quick succession. She exhaled lasciviously as she sucked in the online encyclopaedia.

A tremendous pressurey built up with each breath, with each act of nearing her consciousness to Osiris. Death was so beautiful , and yet could only be understood by fully experiencing it. Her lower back was varnished in sweat. She suddenly realized what she must do.

The force inside her was too great. Her body reacted to her realization, to her discovery of instant purpose, rocking her throughout.

On shaky legs she prepared. A plastic bag and a belt were hastily drawn from chaotic drawers. Kaleidoscopic fragments of her room invaded her vision as she placed the bag over her head She gasped as it crinkled, tightening the belt around her neck.

Her heart galloped with such force it shook the world. As her chest heaved for hot, old air, a glowing heat erupted between her legs. Vapour clouded her vision.

"Osiris, I'm coming for you" she thought. osirisosirisosirisosirisosirisosirisosiris echoed after her.

She slipped a hand between and within her legs. A colossal wave shook every fiber of the universe. As her vision grew black so did the sensation. She huffed for air and her lips curled, revealing her canines between her moans. Blackness.

"Claire!" a voice brokenly cried. Heavy lids. Dry thought. Stomping pain.

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