Sunday, 16 April 2017

Day 4: ...with smooth stones part 1

rise little renegade
bulls are on parade

atwixt fixed thought-elections
a dictator-paradigm reigns

gruesomely he pulverises adversary contestants
but within you, remember,
revolution lies gestant

guerilla tactics, status quo decongestant
become an attestant to a meteoric brain-bug arrestant

in the china shop a bungling bull
stands clumsily and bumblingly
as the porcelain falls
the wolves in the throne room
take the crown of the king

so rise little renegade
bulls are trampling your king

urgent letter bomb for your Honour
carbon copies for the cronies
resurrect the flaneur
the bohemian, the veronese
the pioneers, the children, and the carousel ponies

within the Brazen Bull
the bloodline of a king is culled
so rise little renegade
we must now rebuild

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