Monday, 17 April 2017

Day 5: ...with smooth stones part 2

salient citadels fashioned from the corpses of old horses,
which used to drag the carriages of autocratic chancellors,
will beckon open-handed to the Pole star from afar

enigmatic infidels singeing flags of Gods of old
are distributing amongst the poor heavy pots of gold

you are not a conciator's
bubbly creations
or an in vogue theatre,
craving ovations

please transcend rejection
and the fear of it
there is no love like self-love
or the feel of it

for you, do the opposite Jesus might do
it's true
treat yourself as you treat others
as you would treat your brothers

rise up little renegade
and birth the Gods of New

roast the rawness in your warmth
and whisper to the quiet storm
softly as the worn hands may
give form to the clay

bury these old bones
and rebuild with smooth stones.

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