Friday, 12 May 2017

day 22

this is a poem

about cheese. you see buffalos
they got them teets too, so
we milk them all day
jerk them titties to and fro

this one buffalo cow
once got kicked in the head
nothing to laugh at, now
poor thing was almost dead

but her teets were still juicy
so we milked them too
she was a goosey one
always dreaming of a big blue sea

consequently, or so the cherokee
farmers tend to agree,
the milk and cheese
that came from that beast
was quite funny...

put it in your mouth
eww gross I know
bear with me
its bubbly and a little sweet
try not to belch
so tangy itll make your butthole squelch

after a while as your fingers tingle
youll feel the essence of this curd
mingle and squeeze out the turds
of your congested mind

you'll be surprised at what you find
like a bell ringing at 5 zillion decibels
it'll zap your pap
tickle your gap
it'll inspire a strange belief,
not a fickle one, a weird relief
a sense of belonging
belowdecks or belowground
a stubborn belligerence
and a peaceful indifference

its something youve never felt
youll be ripping off your belt

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