Thursday, 11 May 2017

day 21

a ponderous head nuzzles at my temple
the last male rhinoceros with his onerous ordeal
even he, downtrodden, re-hooved and dehorned
urges me on stoically, almost dolorously

an inquisitive snort and a lonely eye
wake me from delusions of diamonds in the sky
"what up, nigga" says I
"im sorry for this pain we've caused you all"
in a puff of desert dust he's gone
i realise there's no horn, just the case of my phone
digging at my skull

my soul, pregnant with worries
drifts off again as I whisper to the rhino
in hurried breaths "no, no, no"

but he won't be back
except to haunt me
his splendour truncated
as my dignity was castrated
could I count to infinity
on the fingers of frowning forefathers?
all poking truculently
at the air in front of me
gaping gasping ghoul's gullets
mouthing moping mirthless moral bullets
at me

im not free

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